Get expert advice online, whilst staying safe at home

E-consultations are the perfect way to jump the queue and get a quick response from Dr Shah without the need of making and travelling to an appointment.  

Over 90% of consultations are diagnosed and a treatment plan suggested using e-consultations. 

  •   £225 for new email consultations – (£175 for follow-up) – this involves sending good clear photos and a history of your condition. Dr Shah will either phone you or reply via email.

For letters and prescriptions we will need your full DOB, address and GP name and address. These will be sent at no extra charge electronically via email.

This method of consultation allows you to send photos and your skin history.

Dr Shah will then contact you via email and if necessary telephone to discuss your condition and offer a treatment and management plan. 

If you would like to proceed then here are the steps below: 

    1. Email office@drdevshah.com to ask for availability for an e-consult
    2. Register as a new patient at this address:  https://dr-dev-shah.carebit.co/patients  (click on ‘register as a new patient’)
    3. Upload your history (details of your condition – duration, symptoms, drug history, past medical issues etc.) and photos to your patient portal – not via email
    4. Once registered we will send you an invoice to pay and once paid Dr Shah will contact you at the agreed time