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Upload Photo (Each Photo must be less than 4MB)

Images to send - guidelines:

Remember to be near a well lit window during daylight (or a very well lit room), but not in direct sunlight. Take the image with and without a flash each time.

  • Take one image of the area affected that shows the global appearance - i.e. the whole leg, or back.
  • Then put your camera or phone about 10 cm away from the affected area and take more images.

Make sure what you can see with your eyes is represented on the images sent.
You can add a maximum of 4 Photos.

History details required (please answer all questions below):

Where is the problem on your body?

When did it start?

How has it changed?

What symptoms does it cause (itch / pain etc)?

How did the problem come to your attention?

What treatments have you tried?

What makes it better?

What makes it worse?

What other medical or psychological problems do you have?

What medications do you currently take?

Do you have a family history of any condition including skin problems?

What is your occupation?

Do you have any history of other skin problems?

Have you ever used sunbeds - if yes how may times in total and what age were you when you started to use them?

Is there a family history of melanoma or pancreatic cancer?

Have you ever lived abroad?

When was the last time you were sunburnt?

What happens when you go into the sun without sunscreen on? do you go red and never tan or do you tan easily?

Your Message - Please add any further information that you feel is relevant.

After sending this email Dr Shah will review the information and decide on whether a confident diagnosis can be made without seeing you and he will reply accordingly, if he wants further information then he can request this via email or will ask to interview you over Skype.

Please do let me know how you would like to proceed. The initial cost of the email review and consultation will be £60.

Receive a Reply within 12 Hrs of payment (£100)Receive a Reply within 48-72 Hrs of payment (£60)

Pay now via paypal to avoid any delay

By clicking "Send" you agree to pay the above mentioned amount of money for the review. You will receive a reply depending on payment - as above.

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